The SandyStation, the New Star of Your Classroom

So, you became a teacher. You adore kids, and you’re enthusiastic about shaping little minds. But let’s be honest. It’s no walk in the park teaching kids in 2020, or 2021 for that matter. With the vast amounts of technology available to them, there’s bound to be a “cooler” app available compared to a stuffy old textbook. 

With the SandyStation, gone are the days of frantically trying to grasp the attention of your students. Teach your students about geography while stimulating multiple senses, a proven way to effectively transfer knowledge. The interactive educational SandyStation will no doubt be the star of your classroom.

What is the SandyStation?

A sandbox is fun on its own. But pair one with a 3D-camera and a projector, and you can let your imagination really run wild. And that’s what the SandyStation is all about. 

With the SandyStation, you’ll bring an ecosystem into your classroom that your students can discover and explore through sight and touch. 

A meandering river is just a few scoops away. Dig bodies of water that flow through the sand with every move you make. Or start stacking sand to build mountain peaks high. Turn it into a volcano by punching a hole into the peak, and watch its eruption slide over the surface.

Rather than only telling them about map contours, the SandyStation will help you involve your students by letting them play around with it.

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