Do you know what the BEST toy in the world is ?

400,000+ People.

Tourists from all over the world come over every year to witness the breath-taking effects of our highly popular and interactive sandbox.

Why the high demand?

Because it’s an awe-inspiring experience for any geography lover.

SandyStation allows your imagination to flourish by creating seas, oceans, beaches, rocky mountains and even bulging volcanos right in front of your eyes.

The exhibit “interactive sandbox” from company SandyStation in our science center IQLANDIA has been delivered on time successfuly and without any problems.

We have approximately 400,000 visitors per year and the installation is very popular among our visitors for its mesmerizing visual effects as well as for its simple and intuitive control.

We can highly recommend the manufacturer and the exhibit for highly demanding operation in a science center.

Pavel Coufal

Director of iQLANDIA Science Center

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