What is SandyStation?

Imagine an interactive 3D landscape that captivates, stimulates, and unwinds you.

Explore endless possibilities – use it as an entertaining and effective tool for education

Or as a therapeutic, relaxing, and engaging environment – for children and adults alike. 

Stimulate all your senses and get into Flow state. Release stress and speed up learning.

It’s like a smart sandbox from the future. Powered by a projector, 3D camera, and computer

Bend the border between physical and virtual.

Be The Coolest Teacher at your School

Science proves it. Multi-sensory learning is more effective.

Join hundreds of schools worldwide,

Help make education more fun and effective.

Leave a lasting impression.

Attract and Engage

Magnetize Students, Parents, and Peers 

at your next Exhibition or Open-house


…And watch them being totally absorbed

in virtual creation and destruction!

Invest in Our Future

Whether we admit it or not, today’s children are…

Tomorrow’s creators, contributors, and leaders.

Investing in adoptive, effective ed-tech 

is not really a choice… 

It’s a duty.

Who is using SandyStation?

Want to get one or need more info?