What is SandyStation?

Imagine an interactive 3D landscape that captivates, stimulates, and unwinds you.

It’s like a smart sandbox from the future. Powered by a projector, 3D camera, and computer

Bend the border between physical and virtual.

Be The Coolest Teacher at your School

Science proves it. Multi-sensory learning is more effective.

Join hundreds of schools worldwide,

Help make education more fun and effective.

Leave a lasting impression.

Interactive Globe

Teach about planets and visualize scientific data about the Earth.

How was the radiation from Fukushima power plant spreading over the globe?

How fast is a tsunami?

What’s interesting about other planets of the Solar system?

How do wind currents move around the globe?

Interactive globe works as an add-on to the original SandyStation which allows to show all that and more…

Who is using SandyStation?

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