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Interactive AR Sandbox

Create your own colourful world by playing with sand. Make sea floors, beaches and even snowy tops of the mountains. Watch volcanos spewing lava, create rain and floods. Study geography while having a lot of fun. All done by projection, 3D sensing and our software.

Interactive globe

Observe scientific data about the Earth and other planets of the Solar system. How was the radiation from Fukushima power plant spreading around the globe? How will the ocean level raise due to the ice melting in the future? Which countries will likely disappear? How were the continents formed? Watch all of this and more using projection mapping on a globe enabled by our software.

Face morphing using artificial intelligence

Take a photo of yourself and see how would you look if you were younger or older. Or if you were a man or a woman. Happy or sad. You can even take a look on how would your children look like if your DNA mixed with a selected celebrity.

Racing and brakes simulator

Driving simulator where you can test and measure breaking distances on a variety of surfaces such as gravel, dry asphalt, wet asphalt, snow and slippery ice. Made as a promotional exhibit for a manufacturer of car brakes. Programmed in Unity3D engine.

Augmented reality meals

See meals on a plate in 3D in Augmented reality, including statistics about their calories intake and nutritional composition.

Interactive pool

Visualize trajectories and reflections of a ball in a game of pool. 

Interactive TABLE

Create paths for historical trains, trams and ships by placing cubes on the interactive table. Cubes of the same colour form a specific type of pathway. Our software can be modified to create any type of games and simulations on a table.

Green screen

Exhibit which allows children to imagine how it feels to be a TV star. Green background is automatically removed and in real-time replaced with a selected TV program background. You can also record yourself and send the footage to your family and friends on e-mail.


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“The exhibit Interactive Sandbox from company SandyStation in our science center IQLANDIA has been delivered successfuly, on time and without any problems.

We have approximately 400,000 visitors per year and the installation is very popular among our visitors for its beautiful visual effects as well as for its simple and intuitive control.

We can highly recommend the manufacturer and the exhibit for highly demanding operation in a science center.

Pavel coufal

iQLANDIA Science Center, director

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