What is it?

SandyStation is a device that uses projector, computer and 3D camera to map colors on a real sandbox.

The colours react to the changes in sand elevation.

Make a hill and watch colours to change from sea to beaches, rocky mountains up to white snowy peaks.

You can even create a volcano and watch spewing lava!


For whom is this?

For schools who want to teach geography in a fun way!

Children love it. You will never have a problem with students who don’t pay attention during the class.

It works also great for school open days to attract new students.

It is also amazing interactive installation for science museums. SandyStation is frequently rated as the most popular exhibit.


The exhibit “interactive sandbox” from company SandyStation in our science center IQLANDIA has been delivered on time successfuly and without any problems.

We have approximately 400,000 visitors per year and the installation is very popular among our visitors for its mesmerizing visual effects as well as for its simple and intuitive control.

We can highly recommend the manufacturer and the exhibit for highly demanding operation in a science center.

Pavel Coufal

Director of iQLANDIA Science Center

Who is using SandyStation?

Want to try it?


Just sent us an email and we we will give you more information.